Enjoy bus rides back and forth between T1 and T2 Noi Bai International Airport free

Transferring between the two terminals at the airport is sometimes a brain teaser to passengers going abroad. Time management to get on the plane on time requires passengers to arrange everything beforehand and it is such a state of stress to handle all by yourself.

However, transit passengers at Noi Bai International Airport (Ha Noi) are no need not worry. From 1st July 2023, Noi Bai International Airport (Ha Noi) will operate 2 electric buses connecting domestic terminal T1 and international terminal T2. At first, there will be 2 electric buses of VinBus in turn to transfer passengers between the two terminals.

VinBus electric bus

2 electric buses of VinBus in turn to transfer passengers between T1 and T2 terminals

Operate at a frequency of 15 minutes/trip in the daytime hours (from 7am to 11pm) and 20 minutes/trip in the early morning and night time frames. At T1 domestic terminal, the bus picks up passengers at wing A, 1st floor, and column 11-12, lane 2, 1st floor at T2 international terminal.

The electric bus has a maximum capacity of 67 people, provides air conditioning, cameras, and prioritised seats for wheelchairs, children, and the elderly.

VinBus Electric Bus

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